Samsung will launch multiple Galaxy A-series smartphones

Samsung will launch multiple Galaxy A-series smartphones

in India to take on The upcoming Galaxy A-series smartphones will reportedly target “millennials”, with multiple phone launches expected in the wide price band of ₹10,000 to ₹50,000, which covers the budget, mid and the flagship segments (but excludes the early-budget and premium flagship segments). These A-series phones will be available both online and offline. Samsung’s offline channels, which comprise of 180,000 retail outlets and 2,000 brand stores all over India, are expected to respond well to the new series.

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Samsung’s recently launched online-focused Galaxy M-series will take care of the early budget choices, while there is always the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line to take handle the demand of premium flagships.

It remains to be seen how Xiaomi India will react to Samsung’s decision to flood the market with A-series smartphones in every price range.
The Indian smartphone market has been in the crosshairs of many global and Chinese OEMs. After all, the Indian market showed the highest global growth in terms of volume in 2018 with about 137 Million smartphones shipped through the year. Xiaomi enjoys the highest market share in the country, followed closely by Samsung in the second place. The third contender is far away, meaning that the coming year will see intense competition between these two for India’s top spot.

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