Both the positive and negative sides of AI is portrayed in movies

Take IoT as an example; doesn’t that unleash more common technologies to the digital era? The scariest part of these sci-fi movies is the humanoid robots taking over humans and controlling them. These are far from reach for now. But some general issues spoken in the movies like ethical problems and moral dimensions are nearly true.

Familiar topics like advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, humanoid robots, self-driving cars, and a whole world full of digital growth is what the movie sector has portrayed so far. If we take a close look at these delusions, all are not imaginations. Somehow, slowly we are turning our face towards all these assumed characteristics. Maybe, it could now look like a total dream, but we are at the beginning of the dream, which could soon become a part of everyday life.

Here we are taking you on a roller-coaster ride on some must-watch sci-fic movies that speak about moral and ethical aspects of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the power of data science.

Fairy tales are mostly fictions decorated with fantasy. But sci-fic movies are often taken into serious account. The reason behind this is that machines and robotics-related movies from the past are slowly turning to be a reality now. Henceforth, people are curious about what technologies movies might unravel to the mindsets of scientists.

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