Apple Watch could

Apple Watch could 

completely detach itself from iPhone with its upcoming watchOS updates. Since its launch in 2015, the watch has been dependent on the iOS device but, over the years Apple has made updates to the device to make it more self-sufficient.It would be a pleasant surprise for the Apple Watch users that once the watchOS 6 is ready, having new watch faces, apps and features with it, it’s completely unlinked from the iPhone

For now users still have to use their iPhone to review the terms and conditions before the update can be installed on their watch, but eventually, the altered update process can lead to Apple Watch becoming completely independent from the iPhone in the future.

A user tweeted about the latest update process, which previously could not be done without using the Watch app on the iPhone.

Sure seems like the stage is being set for direct-to-Apple Watch software updates in watchOS 6, though it hasn’t been fully freed quite yet from the need to approve things on the iPhone.
Apple has shown that it is looking to sever the connection between iPhone and Apple Watch as the addition of cellular capabilities were added to Apple Watch Series 3. The latest beta release for WatchOS 6 adds the ability to conduct over-the-air software updates from the settings menu of Apple Watch

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